Rebounding Resilience

Resilience, I wonder what that means. Resilience means that if something happens you would bounce back and wouldn’t  let the problem get in your way or stop you from doing something.

Today all the year 5s performed a dance to the song titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. We performed it at assembly. The message in the song is that if something puts you down get back up and keep on going. In a part of the song it said ‘shoot me down but I get up’ it talked about resilience because you are getting back up even if someone pushed you down.

I was resilient once when my brother said that I couldn’t do a cartwheel properly but I kept trying again and eventually I was able to do a cartwheel properly.



This week we learnt about persistence. Persistence means keep trying and not giving no matter how hard something could be. We did charades of things where you have to use persistence. There are obstacles like distractions, I can’t do it thinking and things you do after school. The things you can do to help are do it straight away and say I can do it.

My wonderful life motto


This is my life motto that I thought was interesting.

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