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Blue! What rhymes with blue?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning about poems. We looked at a few on a topic of our choice. At the end we got to write one. Since I went on camp I had to use my colour poem. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Playing in the ocean in summer,
Throwing snowballs in the winter,
Picking blueberries in a garden,
Buying bubblegum flavoured ice cream,
Looking up at the cloudless sky,
Having the courage to fly,
Seeing glaciers floating around and falling down,
Drinking sugary blue heaven milkshake.


Slidetime Funtime! By Me

Over the past weeks we’ve been working on picture story books for our prep buddies next year. On Tuesday we are going to meet them and give them our book. My book is called ‘Slidetime Funtime’ and it is about 2 girls that realise that is more fun to play with more people on a slide. What we had to do was type a story out and then Mrs M printed it out. After we’d typed it we started making our front cover. The front cover had to include the title, who it is by and a picture. Then we did a title page and stuck our text on. The hard part was the part where we had to draw all our pictures on. It’s harder than it seems. We were making them as a gift for our buddy who will be starting prep next year.

I liked my front cover and my drawings. I was very proud of them. My book was very colourful and they matched the text. Next time I will probably add more detail to my pictures because I could have added more detail. It would make my pictures even better than they are. I’m very proud of my book and the effort I put in it.

My New Bestseller

In writers workshop we’ve been writing sci-fi stories these photos are my planning and my wonderful sizzling start.

I Can Explain Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Inside At Night

I Can Explain Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Inside At Night

Cats are small furry carnivorous mammals that are related to lions, tigers, leopards and other wild cats. They are often kept as pets and sometimes kept as mouse catchers. If they are pets they are often domesticated. Cats are great companions for humans.

80% of accidents involving cats happen at night (kingston.vic.gov.au). Roaming cats can be hit by cars, get in cat fights, catch diseases or can become lost. If a cat is well-fed it doesn’t mean it can’t hunt native wildlife. Roaming cats can annoy neighbours by digging up their garden, meowing and fighting with their pets. Cats can catch fatal diseases such as feline AIDS, fleas, ticks, worms, cuts, diarrhoea and other sicknesses. Cats that get kept inside live up to 3 times longer than cats that roam.

So next time you’re about to go to bed and your cat in still outside remember to go outside and get it and put it inside, so your cat will be a lot safer and so will the native wildlife.
By Charlize 5C

Picture: www.rd.com
Diagram: www.catkingdomenclosures.com

image image

What makes my text a good explanation?

I think my text is a good explanation text because I cleary defined the subject in my first so that others would understand it. I didn’t choose a subject that I knew everything about so I had 3 websites that gave me information. I chose a diagram that was simple and was easy to make.

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