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Sovereign Hill Camp Reflection

Dynamite on Stage!

Dance! Party! Pizza! Ice Cream! Soft Drink! Sugar! Lollies! Yesterday we had our whole school dance concert where each class had there own dance to perform to the whole school and all the parents. There were 2 ice cream vans, a wood fired pizza place and a sausage sizzle where there were sausages and lollies. This term was the dance term for performing arts so we had the whole term to practise. At first our class song was going to be a mashup of Lean on by Major Lazer and DJ Snake featuring MO and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The class voted to change the song to Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

The majority of the dance was from Just Dance but at the end we changed it because we did a semicircle of tricks. People stood in a semicircle on the edges of the stage and people did tricks in the middle of the stage. I did 2 tricks. The first trick I did was with Sophie where we did a backbend then walked in a bridge then kicked over, whilst Fintan did the worm in between us. The second trick I did was where Sophie, Mikaylah and I did a standing scorpion. Next Jarrod did a soccer trick. The last trick was Sabine, Amelia, Amy and Madi doing an Irish dancing performance. Amy wasn’t there on the day but Sabine, Amelia and Madi still did it. For the end we all did a pose and Olivia, Lauren and I did a cheerleading pose where I stood on their knees.

Once we’d finished the choreography we practised over and over again to improve our dance. Every week we had to practise the dance to make it perfect. Once it was perfect we had free dance at the end of each session.

I was really excited about doing the concert. I like to do dances on stages so I was really looking forward to it. After the concert I was really proud of myself. I had had a can of Fanta and a sherbet ice cream so I had a sugar rush with Amelia, where we had an unfamiliar addiction to laughing. We are suffering from a sugar rush hangover. I had an awesome time.

Scary Awesomeness

Sophie had dropped and disappeared. Then Olivia dropped and disappeared. Now it’s time for me. The lady let me in and I sat on the curved edge,  I look down and it curves in then it goes down. I scream inside my head. I’m shaking with fear. I’ve been shaking with fear the last 10 minutes. My hands are sweaty and clammy. I stink, well my overalls stink. They smell like dust and the feel really cold. The coldness is not really helping because I’m really nervous. Mr Rogers does a hand signal to go down. I slowly start to hang, I realise that I can’t get up now. The lady counts me in. 3,2,1! I have no choice but to go, so I go……



Fantastic, Fabulous Fun Run!

P.M.I for orienteering


Wonderful Warrina recount


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