Sleep, Exercise, Food………in other words my health diary!

Rummy Club Strategy

All the year 6’s were told to bring to strategy game, and no one did. At least we have the ones at school. Instead of  doing our usual problem solving groups we played strategy games. I played Rummy Club with Olivia, Nora and Isabelle. This is my strategy:

Aquabat-The superb boat!

This whole term we have been doing solar boats. This is my book creator about everything we did.


Paper Plane Investigation

It’s nearly naplan, my naplan tips

Naplan is coming and these are my tips:

-read more than the text
-re read
-get a picture in my head
-make a connection
-read around the word

-re read the question
-eliminate answers
-go back to the text
-make an intelligent guess

-read all the questions
-highlight key words
-think about place value
-re write vertically
-eliminate answers

Great garlic investigation

Totally awesome temperature investigation

We have been learning about temperature. I found out the there is a difference between Melbourne and Gisborne temperature. I also found out that the UV is not related to the weather. I learnt that the average is all the scores divided and the mode is the most often score. We drew a table in our maths book that records the UV, sky, Gisborne’s temperature and Melbourne’s temperature. The maths was difference, tables, recording information and statements.


Flag Fractions


New goals, New learning, New term, Terrific term 3 goals

New goals, New learning, New term, Terrific Term 3 goals
We have short term goals and long term goals. Short term goals go for a few weeks or months, and long term goals go for a year or 2. I have 4 goals a Maths, a English, a YCDI/Learning behaviour and Blog.

Why we have goals
We have goals in our life because they help us achieve things we will need to be able to do in our daily life. Goals remind us to keep trying to achieve the thing you want to achieve.

Maths goals
Short term-know my 8x table by the end of term. I will show this by going on the times tables me website and looking at my times table chart.
Long term-learn all my times tables by the end of the year. I will show this by going on the times table me website.

English goals
Short term-re read a sentence when it has a hard word in it that doesn’t make sense. I will show this by writing down the hard word in my diary to find out what the word means later on.
Long term-to use punctuation and good spelling. I will show this by practising my spelling and punctuation 2 times a week.

YCDI/Learning Behaviour
Short term-make sure my iPad is always charge. I will show this by taking my iPad home every Friday to charge.
Long term-don’t choose to sit next to distracting people on the floor and at tables. I will show this by sitting next to people I know I won’t distract me.

Short term-make sure my blog post has all the criteria. I will show this by checking my post for all the criteria before I post.
Long term-keeping my blog up to date. I will show this by checking my blog usually to make sure I have all the posts I need.

Super Subtraction Strategies

We have been learning about subtraction for the last 2 weeks. We learnt 6 strategies.
-Jump strategy-counting on (number line)
-counting back (number line)
-Regrouping-algorithms (flip flops)
-The biggest number goes first
-Space invaders-place value target
-make to next 10/100/1000
-Making zero
-Subtraction and addition family
-Check subtraction by adding

*Term 1 we did -9 strategy

New Learning
I learnt how to count on and count back on the number line. I also learnt regrouping in algorithms.

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