Zoos are not Essential

Imagine if you were an animal being locked in a cage all day and night. Animals have been around a lot longer than the human race. They don’t have the opportunity to roam wild like they do in the wild. Zoos are not essential because we would be able to survive without them.

When animals are in the wild they hunt to catch their food. Tigers have to hunt to catch deer, pigs or other food but in their enclosure food is just given to them. All animals are part of the food chain so if they are taken to the zoo they would be messing up the food chain. Over animals could become overpopulated because of animals that hunt them being taken away.

Secondly they have no privacy. In the wild there isn’t mobs of people staring at them and taking pictures. It wouldn’t be nice having people stare at you all the time. People watch them sleeping, relaxing, eating and they even watch them pee. If they are in a bad mood and want to be alone they can’t be.

They can’t roam free and do everything they get to do in the wild. They can’t hunt of run.  Animals in the zoo don’t live how they would in the wild. Even at open range zoos there is still a boundary. They aren’t mixed with other animals in their enclosure so if they go back into the wild they won’t know how to be with other animals.

You can now see that zoos are not essential because of the reasons stated above. They aren’t using their natural instincts, they have no privacy and they can’t roam free. Clearly zoos aren’t essential. Next time you go to the zoo consider these reasons.


There’s an Animal in me…

The Night They Stormed Eureka

We have just finished reading our class book ‘The Night They Stormed Eureka’ by Jackie French. A question I was left wondering was what happened to Sam’s past self? Click the images to read them.

Wombat Wins!

This term we are reading aloud to our prep buddies class. I’m reading the book ‘Wombat Wins’ by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. My goal  is to focus on my book and not laugh.

Slidetime Funtime! By Me

Over the past weeks we’ve been working on picture story books for our prep buddies next year. On Tuesday we are going to meet them and give them our book. My book is called ‘Slidetime Funtime’ and it is about 2 girls that realise that is more fun to play with more people on a slide. What we had to do was type a story out and then Mrs M printed it out. After we’d typed it we started making our front cover. The front cover had to include the title, who it is by and a picture. Then we did a title page and stuck our text on. The hard part was the part where we had to draw all our pictures on. It’s harder than it seems. We were making them as a gift for our buddy who will be starting prep next year.

I liked my front cover and my drawings. I was very proud of them. My book was very colourful and they matched the text. Next time I will probably add more detail to my pictures because I could have added more detail. It would make my pictures even better than they are. I’m very proud of my book and the effort I put in it.

Terrific Themes in the Brilliant Book “Bob the Railway Dog”

“Bob the Railway Dog” is about a dog that travels around South Australia on trains. He goes on different trains all the time and then stays overnight with a different driver or guard. The theme was that whoever you are human or not you can travel wherever you want to.img_1877

My narrative

This is my story called Wondering. It is about a snow leopard cub called Lucy.







Out of My Mind

We have been reading Out of My Mind as a read aloud book in term 4. We talked about Cerebral Palsy, empathy and sympathy. I rate Out of My Mind ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because now I know what it would be like to have Cerebral Palsy. I also like it because it had lots of problems Melody had to face. I think Sharon Draper wrote this because she wanted us to know how it feels to have a difficulty and how hard it is.

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