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An ANZAC Tale book review


Gallipoli Oak presentation

On Friday the 24th April at assembly some special soldiers and the grade 6 school leaders planted a Gallipoli oak tree in a big pot. They planted it because the next day (25th April) was ANZAC day and it has been 1 century since the Australian and New Zealanders landed at Gallipoli. I felt happy and a bit sad at some times because some people in my family went to war. They planted the Gallipoli oak into a pot at the gym.


Triangle and Angle maths

This week in maths we learnt how to use a protractor and measure angles. At the start I wasn’t very good at measuring angles but now I know how to measure angles. We learnt about 3 different types of angles. The 3 different types of angles are an acute angle that is less that 90 degrees, an obtuse angle that is higher that 90 degrees and the last one is a right angle that is exactly 90 degrees.

We also learnt about triangles. I didn’t know that there was 3 types of triangles. There is an isosceles triangle that is 2 sides of equal length, there is a scalene triangle that is 3 unequal sides and there is an equilateral triangle which has 3 equal sides.

We learnt how to use a protractor. This is 3 steps on how to use a protractor:
1. Line up the 0 line with the corner of the angle.
2. Look if you measure from the inside or outside.
3. Measure the angle.

I didn’t know that all triangle angles add up to 180 degrees.



Diggers Diary

Last week and this week we learned about ANZAC day and the ANZAC’s. We wrote a diggers diary. Our diggers diaries are about being at the war and fighting at the war.

6th August 1915

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20th August 1915



Week 1 Term 2

Maths learning
This week we learnt how to use a protractor and it was quite hard for me because I had never used a protractor before. We used the protractor to measure the degree of the angle. We learnt about triangles and angles. We discovered different types of triangles and angles. We learnt the 3 times table strategy. We learnt a new game called target 100 game.

ANZAC Learning
This week we learnt about ANZAC Day. I didn’t know that on Christmas they would stop fighting and exchange gifts with each other and then the next day they would start fighting again. World war 1 went for 4 years 1914-1918. We read an article in the Gisborne Gazette about a man called Ray Campbell who lived in Gisborne and went to world war 1. We read 2 books called Gallipoli and An ANZAC tale.




Year 4 lighthouse challenge

Our lighthouse was successful because it stood up from all sides during the wind test.

Our lighthouse was successful because it stood up from all sides during the wind test.


All the year 4’s had to build a lighthouse out of newspaper on the 19th of March. We got 1 metre of sticky tape to use. The lighthouse had to be 1 metre tall and stand a 30 second wind test. The lighthouse had to be complete in 90 minutes an had to stand up by itself. My group worked well together because all of us did at least something.

Charlize on low ropes


Year 4 camp


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