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Week 2 Term 4 Learning reflection

Solving a problem with terrific tables
We’ve been learning how to solve problems using tables. There was a ladybird one, a fishing one, a present one and a pet one. Some were tricky but at the end it was a lot easier.

Excellent earth structure
We’re learning about earth and space and we made a slide on the layers and their kilometre thickness, temperature, state and what it’s made of. I shared it with the class.image

My great book
During independent reading I’ve been reading a book called Clemency Pogue:Fairy killer. It hooked me in straight away because the prologue talked about good and bad. Clemency goes into a forest and a mean fairy keeps stinging her. She keeps saying she doesn’t believe in fairies and soon the fairy floats away.

Crazy Shoe and Sock Day

Today was Crazy Shoe and Sock Day and most of our class came to school with crazy shoes and socks. There was lots of cool shoes and socks. Some people had one of each shoe and other people had stuck stuff and drawn stuff on their shoes.
We did it because it is Walk to School in October to stay healthy.




Kitchen Garden Term 3

Wonderful Warrina recount


First Fleet arrival


We’ve been learning about the First Fleet and I found out that there were 11 ships in the First Fleet.

Flag Fractions


Yum Yum in my stomach Kale crisps

This is the kale we grew in our garden. There was heaps but it was starting to go out of season so we picked it and had kale crisps.
Kale contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Vitamin A is good for your vision at night. Vitamin C is good for your eyesight. Vitamin K helps blood clotting.

Who Really did discover Australia?

Who discovered Australia?

Did you know that Captain James Cook didn’t discover Australia? The first people to discover Australia were the Aboriginals, second came the Chinese in the 1400’s, then the Portuguese came in the 1500’s and they didn’t know it was Australia they were looking at, then the Dutch came in the 1600’s. The last person was Captain James Cook who came in the 1700’s. Captain Cook is an British explorer for the British empire. He saw Australia and claimed it as British land.

The Aboriginals came to Australia about 50,000 years ago. The Aboriginals came from Asia. Aboriginals drew rock paintings of what had happened over time. People know that the Aboriginals came 50,000 years ago because of archaeological digs.

The Chinese came to Australia in the 1400’s to find new spices. Scientists know that the Chinese came in the 1400’s because of a Ming statue that they put chemicals on. The chemical shows how old the object is.

The Portuguese came in the 1500’s. One of the Portuguese ships sailed into Indonesia, and the other ship sailed straight past Australia thinking it was part of Indonesia.

The Dutch came in the 1600’s. The Dutch sailed around the top of Australia. They didn’t think to claim it because they thought it was part of another country.

Captain James Cook
In the 1700’s Captain James Cook got sent to go to Tahiti to look at Venus covering the sun. The queen told Captain Cook to claim the Great Southern Land (that is now known as Australia). He came across Australia and claimed it as British land for the British Empire.

Now you can see that Captain Cook didn’t discover Australia. All he did was claim it for the British Empire. I am glad that the Portuguese, Dutch or Chinese didn’t claim Australia because I don’t want to speak those languages. I like the English language the best.

New goals, New learning, New term, Terrific term 3 goals

New goals, New learning, New term, Terrific Term 3 goals
We have short term goals and long term goals. Short term goals go for a few weeks or months, and long term goals go for a year or 2. I have 4 goals a Maths, a English, a YCDI/Learning behaviour and Blog.

Why we have goals
We have goals in our life because they help us achieve things we will need to be able to do in our daily life. Goals remind us to keep trying to achieve the thing you want to achieve.

Maths goals
Short term-know my 8x table by the end of term. I will show this by going on the times tables me website and looking at my times table chart.
Long term-learn all my times tables by the end of the year. I will show this by going on the times table me website.

English goals
Short term-re read a sentence when it has a hard word in it that doesn’t make sense. I will show this by writing down the hard word in my diary to find out what the word means later on.
Long term-to use punctuation and good spelling. I will show this by practising my spelling and punctuation 2 times a week.

YCDI/Learning Behaviour
Short term-make sure my iPad is always charge. I will show this by taking my iPad home every Friday to charge.
Long term-don’t choose to sit next to distracting people on the floor and at tables. I will show this by sitting next to people I know I won’t distract me.

Short term-make sure my blog post has all the criteria. I will show this by checking my post for all the criteria before I post.
Long term-keeping my blog up to date. I will show this by checking my blog usually to make sure I have all the posts I need.

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