For me! (Future self needs to read this) Student led conference

Hi awesome future me,

Remember this time last year when you were doing your student led conference, well I’m in that time right now, which is kind of strange but I am and you once were. I hope that the student led conference that your doing now will be as good as the one I did this year. So I wrote a script….wait no we wrote a script. Ok, this is just weird. Anyway we wrote a script and showed some of our work and rehearsed our student led conference with 5A and year 4 classes.

So as you know we’re awesome so our presentation was. I think we did well with reading our narrative. We read the end part to them and showed them the pictures. You probably know all this but I’m just making sure you remember. We spoke loud enough and everything apart from 2 sneaky things were awesome! No…Brilliant! No….Extraordinary! Yes! Perfect word. I’m really happy about what we did so I’m hoping you will listen to our advice and make the presentation awesome.

So the 2 sneaky things were……wait! Why am I telling you this because you know but I’m going remind you anyway. 1 of the sneaky things was our pace because we spoke a bit too fast and when we read our story our mum didn’t know what we were saying. The other sneaky thing was when we showed our maths. We didn’t explain what we did we just showed our book. Now you need to explain what is in your book. Our parents will know more. Please listen to us because it will make your student led conference even better.

From you. Ok that doesn’t make sense. From us. How about from past self? Yes!
From past self.

P.S-We’re awesome

Paper Plane Investigation

It’s nearly naplan, my naplan tips

Naplan is coming and these are my tips:

-read more than the text
-re read
-get a picture in my head
-make a connection
-read around the word

-re read the question
-eliminate answers
-go back to the text
-make an intelligent guess

-read all the questions
-highlight key words
-think about place value
-re write vertically
-eliminate answers

I will…..

In the last couple of weeks our class has been looking at maths, reading and writing Naplan. Some of the maths questions were a bit difficult for me.

I’ve noticed that when I was practicing Naplan I wasn’t very good at my 7’s, 8’s and 12 times tables.

In the next week I will do 3 things which are go on times tables me, get my mum to test me know the way to school and go on hit the button.

Amazing Cross Country

Seeing all the nervous faces as everyone is stretching and getting ready for the race. I had butterflies in my tummy whilst I was stretching. People started doing gymnastics and were running around. I was trying not to overstretch because I knew if I did I would get really sore. Next was our race I was ready.

Interesting Inquiry

This term we’ve been learning about rights, laws, rules, citizenship, the types of government and what the types of government do. What stood out to me was that there’re are 3 types of government their called federal, state and local governments. The federal government is for the whole of Australia. The state government is for their whole state. The local government is for the shire or council.


Amazing angles

We have been learning about angles and their degrees. This is my video about angles:

Get Blogging

Do you want your blog post to be the best it can be and it to stand out well than follow this guide. A good blog post needs an artifact which could be a picture, photo, link or footage. It also needs a sizzling start that hooks the reader in. You will need a catchy title that will hook the reader in. Your text will need to be correct and have correct spelling so it makes sense. You are going to need tags so it is easier to get to your post.
That’s all you need for your blog post to be great. Good luck!

Kitchen Garden term 4


We have been learning about Our amazing Earth and we got to choose a wondering to be an expert on. I chose earthquakes as my wondering and this is my video of my presentation. You need to pause it to read it.

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