Slidetime Funtime! By Me

Over the past weeks we’ve been working on picture story books for our prep buddies next year. On Tuesday we are going to meet them and give them our book. My book is called ‘Slidetime Funtime’ and it is about 2 girls that realise that is more fun to play with more people on a slide. What we had to do was type a story out and then Mrs M printed it out. After we’d typed it we started making our front cover. The front cover had to include the title, who it is by and a picture. Then we did a title page and stuck our text on. The hard part was the part where we had to draw all our pictures on. It’s harder than it seems. We were making them as a gift for our buddy who will be starting prep next year.

I liked my front cover and my drawings. I was very proud of them. My book was very colourful and they matched the text. Next time I will probably add more detail to my pictures because I could have added more detail. It would make my pictures even better than they are. I’m very proud of my book and the effort I put in it.

Is Global Warming Really Happening?

“The climate today is rain,”said the news reporter. The rain is weather not climate. The climate is the average temperature throughout a year. Today a lady called Ceri who is a meteorologist and climatologist from the bureau of meteorology visited us. She talked to us about climate change. We were very lucky to have Ceri come in as we are learning about sustainability.

These are the things she confirmed for us as she knows the answers because she is an expert. Humans are the main cause of the co2 going and poking holes in the atmosphere. Other gases are contributing to climate change as well. Methane is a gase that comes from cows farting and that contributes to climate change. Since people keep farming cattle it means that there are more cows and that means more methane. Also CFC’s contribute but people don’t use them much anymore. But when they were used heaps they put a hole in the ozone. Global warming and climate change are real and are happening right now and there is evidence for it. She showed us lots of graphs and images showing evidence that climate change and global warming are happening. 97 out of 100 hundred scientists agree and have researched that climate change is happening now and is a problem because of what we are doing. Those 97 scientists have researched and have evidence and they all agree that it is happening.

Doing something so little can help a lot if we all do it. You can get solar panels, use wave power, wind turbines, turning of electronics when your not using them and not keeping heaters on if you don’t need them  lots.img_2037

Wonderfully Wonderful Water, Wonderfully Wonder……water! That’s hard to say!

Whale, wash, wait, why, wake, worn, wrong……None of these are the right word. Watermelon, watered……Water! Yes that’s the right word. But what about water? Today we went to a Western Water presentation with Anne who talked to us about how to be sustainable with water.

She talked to us about water and then we got to do a very fun activity. We were set in groups of 3 and we got a topic about how to be sustainable with water, then we wrote facts and each group presented if it was a sustainable practice or not. Callum and Max were in my group. Our argument was that using a disposable plastic bottle to drink water isn’t a sustainable practice. I learnt that in a 1 litre bottle of water it takes 2 litres to make it. If you get a drink from the tap it is $2 per 3,000 litres you drink. We presented it to the judge Sabine.

A thing that I learnt from another group was that it is better to not have snacks in your lunchbox that is in a package. A thing I will do differently now is not have snacks in my lunchbox that are in plastic wrapper because they take years to break down.

Rebounding Resilience

Resilience, I wonder what that means. Resilience means that if something happens you would bounce back and wouldn’t  let the problem get in your way or stop you from doing something.

Today all the year 5s performed a dance to the song titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. We performed it at assembly. The message in the song is that if something puts you down get back up and keep on going. In a part of the song it said ‘shoot me down but I get up’ it talked about resilience because you are getting back up even if someone pushed you down.

I was resilient once when my brother said that I couldn’t do a cartwheel properly but I kept trying again and eventually I was able to do a cartwheel properly.


Terrific Themes in the Brilliant Book “Bob the Railway Dog”

“Bob the Railway Dog” is about a dog that travels around South Australia on trains. He goes on different trains all the time and then stays overnight with a different driver or guard. The theme was that whoever you are human or not you can travel wherever you want to.img_1877

I’m an Expert On…..

Tick! The time was now 12:15 on the 7th of August, the day of the science expo. It was the science expo where everyone in year 5 got to choose a topic and explain how or why it happens. My presentation  was how galaxies are formed. I had a model of the Milky Way and I also had a video of how galaxies are formed. My poster had 2 pictures and a diagram and they gave more information. The parents were allowed in and were looking around. Every time someone came to our table we had to repeat the whole thing again and eventually it got boring repeating everything. Year 4’s also came in and looked around and it was really noisy so you had to speak loud. I think maybe next time I could have spoke louder but I think I did well explaining my topic. Tick! The time was now 1:15 and the science expo was over and everyone started to leave.


My New Bestseller

In writers workshop we’ve been writing sci-fi stories these photos are my planning and my wonderful sizzling start.

I Can Explain Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Inside At Night

I Can Explain Why It Is Important To Keep Your Cat Inside At Night

Cats are small furry carnivorous mammals that are related to lions, tigers, leopards and other wild cats. They are often kept as pets and sometimes kept as mouse catchers. If they are pets they are often domesticated. Cats are great companions for humans.

80% of accidents involving cats happen at night ( Roaming cats can be hit by cars, get in cat fights, catch diseases or can become lost. If a cat is well-fed it doesn’t mean it can’t hunt native wildlife. Roaming cats can annoy neighbours by digging up their garden, meowing and fighting with their pets. Cats can catch fatal diseases such as feline AIDS, fleas, ticks, worms, cuts, diarrhoea and other sicknesses. Cats that get kept inside live up to 3 times longer than cats that roam.

So next time you’re about to go to bed and your cat in still outside remember to go outside and get it and put it inside, so your cat will be a lot safer and so will the native wildlife.
By Charlize 5C


image image

What makes my text a good explanation?

I think my text is a good explanation text because I cleary defined the subject in my first so that others would understand it. I didn’t choose a subject that I knew everything about so I had 3 websites that gave me information. I chose a diagram that was simple and was easy to make.

Scary Awesomeness

Sophie had dropped and disappeared. Then Olivia dropped and disappeared. Now it’s time for me. The lady let me in and I sat on the curved edge,  I look down and it curves in then it goes down. I scream inside my head. I’m shaking with fear. I’ve been shaking with fear the last 10 minutes. My hands are sweaty and clammy. I stink, well my overalls stink. They smell like dust and the feel really cold. The coldness is not really helping because I’m really nervous. Mr Rogers does a hand signal to go down. I slowly start to hang, I realise that I can’t get up now. The lady counts me in. 3,2,1! I have no choice but to go, so I go……



‘Meaning For Reading’

Hmm………’meaning for reading’ I wonder what that means. I like to say ‘meaning for reading’ because meaning and reading rhyme a little bit. So there are 3 types of ‘meaning for reading’. There is literal, inferential and me! Well not actually me, personal. Right now you’re probably wondering what each of them do and you’ve come to the right person.

Literal: Now we will turn on our literal lightbulb. If there was a literal question you had to answer it would mean that you had to read the text and you would find the answer. Sometimes you would have to show evidence and your evidence is literally right there in the text.

Inferential: Lets turn on our inferential lightbulb now. For inferential you connect clues in the text to answer the question. This is an example: the girl and the boy were painting something with a roof to hang in the garden. When they are finished they put bird seeds in. What are they making? The clues are that it has a roof, hangs in the garden and has bird seeds in it. The answer is a birdhouse.

Personal: Finally we can turn our personal lightbulb on. The personal meaning for reading is what you personally think or believe. If a question was to name the baby that would be a personal question because you chose it. You could have chosen it because it connects to you or you experienced it.


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