Wombat Wins!

This term we are reading aloud to our prep buddies class. I’m reading the book ‘Wombat Wins’ by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. My goal  is to focus on my book and not laugh.

What I Know About Federation

This is a pre test and we haven’t been taught anything yet so I’m not sure if my answers are correct.

Before Federation, Australia was divided into 6 separate… States

Which other country might have been part of Australia? England

Who was Henry Parkes? I don’t know anything about Henry Parkes

Why were the initial attempts to become a Federation rejected?Because of the gold rush

What role did Alfred Deakin play in becoming a Federation? I don’t know who Alfred Deakin is or what he played in Australia becoming a nation.

In what year did Australia become a nation? 1901

Who was Australia’s first prime minister? I don’t know

How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants? Because they were rejected and couldn’t vote, have a say or have rights.

What do you know about the Eureka Stockade? The miners didn’t want to pay fees so they rebelled against the police. The miners burnt a hotel and people killed each other. It was in Ballarat during the gold rush.

What are some big events that happened between 1901 and 1960? In 1901 Australia became a nation, world war 1 happened between 1914-1918, world war 2 happened between 1940-1945.

Who were some important people between 1901 and 1960? Don Bradman who was a famous Australia cricketer.

Aquabat-The superb boat!

This whole term we have been doing solar boats. This is my book creator about everything we did.


Quality Blog Comments:What to do and what not to do

Breathtakingly Awesome Rule of Thirds

I found out today what the rule of thirds is. The rule of thirds is like putting a naughts and crossses grid over your photo. A photo follows the rule if the point of interest should be where the lines cross over. We had to take a professional picture where the photo followed the rule of thirds. I took of of my favourite place in year 3 and one of now. People had started since prep took a photo of their favourite place in prep. The picture of the maze follows the rule of thirds because the top of the maze is in line with the 1st horizontal line and the corner post is inline with the 1st vertical line. The picture of the netball goal follows the rule of thirds because the post is inline with the 2nd vertical line. It’s on the edge of the picture not right down the middle.

Blue! What rhymes with blue?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning about poems. We looked at a few on a topic of our choice. At the end we got to write one. Since I went on camp I had to use my colour poem. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Playing in the ocean in summer,
Throwing snowballs in the winter,
Picking blueberries in a garden,
Buying bubblegum flavoured ice cream,
Looking up at the cloudless sky,
Having the courage to fly,
Seeing glaciers floating around and falling down,
Drinking sugary blue heaven milkshake.


Dynamite on Stage!

Dance! Party! Pizza! Ice Cream! Soft Drink! Sugar! Lollies! Yesterday we had our whole school dance concert where each class had there own dance to perform to the whole school and all the parents. There were 2 ice cream vans, a wood fired pizza place and a sausage sizzle where there were sausages and lollies. This term was the dance term for performing arts so we had the whole term to practise. At first our class song was going to be a mashup of Lean on by Major Lazer and DJ Snake featuring MO and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The class voted to change the song to Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

The majority of the dance was from Just Dance but at the end we changed it because we did a semicircle of tricks. People stood in a semicircle on the edges of the stage and people did tricks in the middle of the stage. I did 2 tricks. The first trick I did was with Sophie where we did a backbend then walked in a bridge then kicked over, whilst Fintan did the worm in between us. The second trick I did was where Sophie, Mikaylah and I did a standing scorpion. Next Jarrod did a soccer trick. The last trick was Sabine, Amelia, Amy and Madi doing an Irish dancing performance. Amy wasn’t there on the day but Sabine, Amelia and Madi still did it. For the end we all did a pose and Olivia, Lauren and I did a cheerleading pose where I stood on their knees.

Once we’d finished the choreography we practised over and over again to improve our dance. Every week we had to practise the dance to make it perfect. Once it was perfect we had free dance at the end of each session.

I was really excited about doing the concert. I like to do dances on stages so I was really looking forward to it. After the concert I was really proud of myself. I had had a can of Fanta and a sherbet ice cream so I had a sugar rush with Amelia, where we had an unfamiliar addiction to laughing. We are suffering from a sugar rush hangover. I had an awesome time.

Slidetime Funtime! By Me

Over the past weeks we’ve been working on picture story books for our prep buddies next year. On Tuesday we are going to meet them and give them our book. My book is called ‘Slidetime Funtime’ and it is about 2 girls that realise that is more fun to play with more people on a slide. What we had to do was type a story out and then Mrs M printed it out. After we’d typed it we started making our front cover. The front cover had to include the title, who it is by and a picture. Then we did a title page and stuck our text on. The hard part was the part where we had to draw all our pictures on. It’s harder than it seems. We were making them as a gift for our buddy who will be starting prep next year.

I liked my front cover and my drawings. I was very proud of them. My book was very colourful and they matched the text. Next time I will probably add more detail to my pictures because I could have added more detail. It would make my pictures even better than they are. I’m very proud of my book and the effort I put in it.

Is Global Warming Really Happening?

“The climate today is rain,”said the news reporter. The rain is weather not climate. The climate is the average temperature throughout a year. Today a lady called Ceri who is a meteorologist and climatologist from the bureau of meteorology visited us. She talked to us about climate change. We were very lucky to have Ceri come in as we are learning about sustainability.

These are the things she confirmed for us as she knows the answers because she is an expert. Humans are the main cause of the co2 going and poking holes in the atmosphere. Other gases are contributing to climate change as well. Methane is a gase that comes from cows farting and that contributes to climate change. Since people keep farming cattle it means that there are more cows and that means more methane. Also CFC’s contribute but people don’t use them much anymore. But when they were used heaps they put a hole in the ozone. Global warming and climate change are real and are happening right now and there is evidence for it. She showed us lots of graphs and images showing evidence that climate change and global warming are happening. 97 out of 100 hundred scientists agree and have researched that climate change is happening now and is a problem because of what we are doing. Those 97 scientists have researched and have evidence and they all agree that it is happening.

Doing something so little can help a lot if we all do it. You can get solar panels, use wave power, wind turbines, turning of electronics when your not using them and not keeping heaters on if you don’t need them  lots.img_2037

Wonderfully Wonderful Water, Wonderfully Wonder……water! That’s hard to say!

Whale, wash, wait, why, wake, worn, wrong……None of these are the right word. Watermelon, watered……Water! Yes that’s the right word. But what about water? Today we went to a Western Water presentation with Anne who talked to us about how to be sustainable with water.

She talked to us about water and then we got to do a very fun activity. We were set in groups of 3 and we got a topic about how to be sustainable with water, then we wrote facts and each group presented if it was a sustainable practice or not. Callum and Max were in my group. Our argument was that using a disposable plastic bottle to drink water isn’t a sustainable practice. I learnt that in a 1 litre bottle of water it takes 2 litres to make it. If you get a drink from the tap it is $2 per 3,000 litres you drink. We presented it to the judge Sabine.

A thing that I learnt from another group was that it is better to not have snacks in your lunchbox that is in a package. A thing I will do differently now is not have snacks in my lunchbox that are in plastic wrapper because they take years to break down.

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