Imagine if you were an animal being locked in a cage all day and night. Animals have been around a lot longer than the human race. They don’t have the opportunity to roam wild like they do in the wild. Zoos are not essential because we would be able to survive without them.

When animals are in the wild they hunt to catch their food. Tigers have to hunt to catch deer, pigs or other food but in their enclosure food is just given to them. All animals are part of the food chain so if they are taken to the zoo they would be messing up the food chain. Over animals could become overpopulated because of animals that hunt them being taken away.

Secondly they have no privacy. In the wild there isn’t mobs of people staring at them and taking pictures. It wouldn’t be nice having people stare at you all the time. People watch them sleeping, relaxing, eating and they even watch them pee. If they are in a bad mood and want to be alone they can’t be.

They can’t roam free and do everything they get to do in the wild. They can’t hunt of run.  Animals in the zoo don’t live how they would in the wild. Even at open range zoos there is still a boundary. They aren’t mixed with other animals in their enclosure so if they go back into the wild they won’t know how to be with other animals.

You can now see that zoos are not essential because of the reasons stated above. They aren’t using their natural instincts, they have no privacy and they can’t roam free. Clearly zoos aren’t essential. Next time you go to the zoo consider these reasons.