We watched a BTN video on preferential voting because we are learning about voting and government. These are questions I answered.

1. You vote for who want first, second, third, fourth and so on. If your first choice gets knocked out your other votes go to the other parties.

2. To win the election you have to have won half the votes plus one.

3. The official name of someone who counts the votes is the counter.

4. North Korea doesn’t use preferential voting because they are a dictatorship.

5. Preferential voting is good because if you don’t get your first choice you can always get you second or third. Also if your party isn’t winning at the start they can still win.

6. Minor parties prefer preferential voting because they might not be as popular but they can still win by getting their votes when other parties get knocked out.

7. The purpose of a ‘how to vote’ card is to say if a party gets knocked out vote for this party second.

8. A polling booth is where you stand to mark your ballot paper to vote.

9. I voted for X factor once. We had to message our vote but it wasn the preferential as you only got 1 vote.

10. The Liberal party is one of Australia’s major parties and its leader is Malcolm Turnbull. The Labor party is another and its leader is Bill Shorten. The Australian Greens is the last major party and its leader is Richard Di Natale.