Whale, wash, wait, why, wake, worn, wrong……None of these are the right word. Watermelon, watered……Water! Yes that’s the right word. But what about water? Today we went to a Western Water presentation with Anne who talked to us about how to be sustainable with water.

She talked to us about water and then we got to do a very fun activity. We were set in groups of 3 and we got a topic about how to be sustainable with water, then we wrote facts and each group presented if it was a sustainable practice or not. Callum and Max were in my group. Our argument was that using a disposable plastic bottle to drink water isn’t a sustainable practice. I learnt that in a 1 litre bottle of water it takes 2 litres to make it. If you get a drink from the tap it is $2 per 3,000 litres you drink. We presented it to the judge Sabine.

A thing that I learnt from another group was that it is better to not have snacks in your lunchbox that is in a package. A thing I will do differently now is not have snacks in my lunchbox that are in plastic wrapper because they take years to break down.