Tick! The time was now 12:15 on the 7th of August, the day of the science expo. It was the science expo where everyone in year 5 got to choose a topic and explain how or why it happens. My presentation  was how galaxies are formed. I had a model of the Milky Way and I also had a video of how galaxies are formed. My poster had 2 pictures and a diagram and they gave more information. The parents were allowed in and were looking around. Every time someone came to our table we had to repeat the whole thing again and eventually it got boring repeating everything. Year 4’s also came in and looked around and it was really noisy so you had to speak loud. I think maybe next time I could have spoke louder but I think I did well explaining my topic. Tick! The time was now 1:15 and the science expo was over and everyone started to leave.