Hmm………’meaning for reading’ I wonder what that means. I like to say ‘meaning for reading’ because meaning and reading rhyme a little bit. So there are 3 types of ‘meaning for reading’. There is literal, inferential and me! Well not actually me, personal. Right now you’re probably wondering what each of them do and you’ve come to the right person.

Literal: Now we will turn on our literal lightbulb. If there was a literal question you had to answer it would mean that you had to read the text and you would find the answer. Sometimes you would have to show evidence and your evidence is literally right there in the text.

Inferential: Lets turn on our inferential lightbulb now. For inferential you connect clues in the text to answer the question. This is an example: the girl and the boy were painting something with a roof to hang in the garden. When they are finished they put bird seeds in. What are they making? The clues are that it has a roof, hangs in the garden and has bird seeds in it. The answer is a birdhouse.

Personal: Finally we can turn our personal lightbulb on. The personal meaning for reading is what you personally think or believe. If a question was to name the baby that would be a personal question because you chose it. You could have chosen it because it connects to you or you experienced it.