Hi awesome future me,

Remember this time last year when you were doing your student led conference, well I’m in that time right now, which is kind of strange but I am and you once were. I hope that the student led conference that your doing now will be as good as the one I did this year. So I wrote a script….wait no we wrote a script. Ok, this is just weird. Anyway we wrote a script and showed some of our work and rehearsed our student led conference with 5A and year 4 classes.

So as you know we’re awesome so our presentation was. I think we did well with reading our narrative. We read the end part to them and showed them the pictures. You probably know all this but I’m just making sure you remember. We spoke loud enough and everything apart from 2 sneaky things were awesome! No…Brilliant! No….Extraordinary! Yes! Perfect word. I’m really happy about what we did so I’m hoping you will listen to our advice and make the presentation awesome.

So the 2 sneaky things were……wait! Why am I telling you this because you know but I’m going remind you anyway. 1 of the sneaky things was our pace because we spoke a bit too fast and when we read our story our mum didn’t know what we were saying. The other sneaky thing was when we showed our maths. We didn’t explain what we did we just showed our book. Now you need to explain what is in your book. Our parents will know more. Please listen to us because it will make your student led conference even better.

From you. Ok that doesn’t make sense. From us. How about from past self? Yes!
From past self.

P.S-We’re awesome