This week in maths we learnt how to use a protractor and measure angles. At the start I wasn’t very good at measuring angles but now I know how to measure angles. We learnt about 3 different types of angles. The 3 different types of angles are an acute angle that is less that 90 degrees, an obtuse angle that is higher that 90 degrees and the last one is a right angle that is exactly 90 degrees.

We also learnt about triangles. I didn’t know that there was 3 types of triangles. There is an isosceles triangle that is 2 sides of equal length, there is a scalene triangle that is 3 unequal sides and there is an equilateral triangle which has 3 equal sides.

We learnt how to use a protractor. This is 3 steps on how to use a protractor:
1. Line up the 0 line with the corner of the angle.
2. Look if you measure from the inside or outside.
3. Measure the angle.

I didn’t know that all triangle angles add up to 180 degrees.