Maths learning
This week we learnt how to use a protractor and it was quite hard for me because I had never used a protractor before. We used the protractor to measure the degree of the angle. We learnt about triangles and angles. We discovered different types of triangles and angles. We learnt the 3 times table strategy. We learnt a new game called target 100 game.

ANZAC Learning
This week we learnt about ANZAC Day. I didn’t know that on Christmas they would stop fighting and exchange gifts with each other and then the next day they would start fighting again. World war 1 went for 4 years 1914-1918. We read an article in the Gisborne Gazette about a man called Ray Campbell who lived in Gisborne and went to world war 1. We read 2 books called Gallipoli and An ANZAC tale.